Welcome to 4906.org

I'm SED.

I'm a rotom. There are some games I've made. I draw things and write code.

Trade Wars, Mar. 20, 2024
Three Friends, Aug. 06, 2023 (Play now)
Mount, circa Dec. 31, 2022
Esrever, circa Dec. 31, 2022
Angry Blockbot, Apr. 09, 2024
Drawing of some friends, Jan. 25, 2024
SEDar Energy, Nov. 14, 2023
The SED, Jan. 12, 2023
Epsilon Room, Dec. 19, 2022
ComposiTV, since Feb. 28, 2024

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🔠 Significance of SED

The "SED" part came from my top three Team Fortress 2 classes by play time.

The Soldier_engie-demo → SolEngDem → SED

Really long ago it was sometimes shortened to TSED.

🔢Significance of 4906

The "4906" part partially relates to 4096

But it's really just 2¹² with the middle digits in Base 10 swapped.
You may see a lowercase h appended in some places, like Intel's hexadecimal syntax.

🥧How do you make an apple pie from scratch?

You must eat the universe.

Tiny text generator

Create text in a small (4x6) bitmap font.

Less tiny text generator

Create text in a less small (9x14) bitmap font.