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⚡ I'm SED.
🔠 Significance of SED

The "SED" part came from my top three Team Fortress 2 classes by play time.

The Soldier_engie-demo → SolEngDem → SED

Really long ago it was sometimes shortened to TSED.

🔢Significance of 4906

The "4906" part partially relates to 4096

But it's really just 2¹² with the middle digits in Base 10 swapped.
You may see a lowercase h appended in some places, like Intel's hexadecimal syntax.

🥧How do you make an apple pie from scratch?

You must eat the universe.

Tiny text generator

Create text in a small (4x6) bitmap font.

Less tiny text generator

Create text in a less small (9x14) bitmap font.